Benefits of Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio – well the cardio component comes in because we’re talking fast paced movements using your arms, legs and your core to stabilize you. All your muscles from your head to toe are activated when you’re punching and kicking…as a result you benefit the most from spending time doing cardio kickboxing.

Fat burning – since all your muscles are being activated with high intensity your body is going to utilize fat for energy almost instantly. Thought getting a 6-pack was impossible? Think again!

Increased coordination – you will notice that your hand-eye coordination will improve dramatically within only a couple weeks of cardio kickboxing. Focusing on hitting your trainer’s punching mitt with your fist and foot will do wonders with your agility. Stop being a clutz for good!

Strength development – with the cardio component and agility your body will become smarter with how to exert the most force with the muscle you have. As a result your strength will sky-rocket to new levels and you’ll notice that any fat you have around your arms or legs will quickly transform into defined muscle. Women will get rid of wobbly fat under their arms and cellulite in their legs while guys will notice a pump in their biceps and their quadriceps grow with serious definition.

Stress reduction – had a bad day? What better way to get out all your frustrations, stresses and angers with punching and kicking a bag. End result…there is no way in hell you can leave a cardio kickboxing class with feelings that you have been overcome by a bad day! You will win!

Self-defense – let’s not forget that kickboxing will dramatically improve your confidence in protecting yourself if there was ever the need. Or what if you’re caught in a burning house and need to kick down a door? Sure not likely, but at least you can get some super-hero strength with training in kickboxing!

Professor, Omar Jimenez, Black Belt

Omar's intuitive understanding of BJJ and his expert style of teaching has produced many tough grappling champions who regularly fight at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu events. With the help of experienced coaches, Omar runs a very thorough and established BJJ program, making it the number one BJJ school in the Rockland county area.

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